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The Gainesville Men’s Center (GMC) offers powerful learning and growth experiences for men. Our men’s groups and retreats provide sane, supportive places for men to open up new potentials, examine and change their lives, feel and express emotions, and discover true brotherhood.

Men have been gathering in truth-telling circles since the dawn of time. Every man carries deep soul wisdom, and the capacity for passion, purpose, and healthy personal power. These truly beautiful qualities in men can only be activated and refined in the caring and supportive presence of other men, with leaders who have walked the road themselves. Every man has generous gifts to offer other men as well.


 Mission of the GMC is to help men become more soulful, alive, and effective in their lives, by offering powerful learning and growth experiences


_**********exploring the masculine men's retreat is December 3-4 2016 ******

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The GMC offered three men’s retreats, each unique and powerful.



Six brave men completed the one-day Love and Relationship Challenges Men's Retreat held at the Kevmen Men's Center in Lowell, Florida,  September 24, 2015.  Leaders were Eric Diamond and Kevin Cutrell.  The day featured intense work on daunting and emotional crises and dilemmas in the men's love relationships, plus some healing work regarding father and mother wounding. One man entered the Monday Night Men's Group immediately, and one has jumped in for the next Exploring the Masculine. We honor the courage and spirit of these men, who showed up big-time for each other.


The second was the 18th Exploring the Masculine, facilitated by Eric Diamond, Jeffrey Weisberg, and Michael Broas, at Jeffrey’s beautiful retreat center in Micanopy. Twelve men jumped into story, emotion, life change, and soul, no holding back, strong men;s work, and much joy of brotherhood.


The third was the meeting of Bioenergetics and Men’s Work, hosted by Susan Cliett at the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis farmhouse in Alachua. Thirteen men came from as far as Canada and Costa Rica for intense confrontation with the human shadow, release of deep pain, risk-taking, and  major support of each other.


Men’s Retreat opportunities will resume in the Fall—stay tuned—and contact Eric Diamond at ericdphd@gmail.com or 352-375-3001 with interest or questions.





Men’s Groups

Current:  Monday Night Men's group  (men 45-75)

Tuesday Night Men's Group  (men 25-45)

Past: Wednesday Night groups, Navigating the Midlife Passage, Second Half of Life group

Men’s Retreats

Exploring the Masculine full-weekend retreat

Men's Work Meets Bioenergetics  at the Florida Society for Bioenergetics Farmhouse

Recovery from Divorce (one-day program)

Love, Sex, and Masculinity (one-day program)

Father/Son/Daughter retreats

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