Eric Diamond, Ph.D., Founder and Director

Eric Diamond is a clinical psychologist in private practice for twenty years, men's movement participant and leader, poet, musician, husband, and father. He was a member of the original Gainesville Men's Council (1989-92). He has been leading men's group since 1996. Eric is a student of Robert Moore, Robert Bly, John Lee, and Michael Meade. His mission is to create powerful learning and growth experiences that activate men's potentials, and feed the souls of men.




Alan is a certified Shadow Work Coach, active member of the ManKind Project, husband, and father, who leads countless processes for men and women.

Michael Broas

Michael is a healer and educator in massage therapy modalities and sensory processing therapy, particularly for trauma. He is a men's work leader, master carpenter, and boat captain most at home on the water.

Jeffrey Weisberg

Jeffrey directed youth programs for 16 years. He has many skills, as a men's work leader, passionate healer, teacher of transformative breathwork, mediator, and builder.

Eric, Michael,and Jeffrey are members of the ManKind Project, a national men's organization.

Adjunct Staff


Enrique Roman

Kevin Cutrell

Thom Martucci

Karin Fields

Christina Owens

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