Ongoing Programs

Monday Night Men's Group

The Monday Night Men's Group has been meeting weekly for 17 years. This is a warm, caring group in which men give and receive support. Men are challenged to go deeper into feelings, face fears, and make life changes. Themes explored include fathers, relationships, mothers, anger, grief, shame, love, mortality, and archetype. About 60 men have made significant commitments to this group.

Tuesday Night Men's Group

The Tuesday Night Men's Group has been meeting weekly for 5 years.  This group is a sacred space for intense mens' work.  Men 25 to 45 are eligible for the group; about 25 men have come through so far.  The cornerstones of the group are brotherhood, strong personal work, and acceptance.

Exploring The Masculine Retreats

We have offered 13 Exploring the Masculine weekend retreats co-led by Eric Diamond, Michael Broas, and Jeffrey Weisberg. We retreat to a beautiful, peaceful nature setting to ask powerful life-changing questions, take big stretches into our anger, grief, fear, and joy, and partake of the beauty of men's souls. A lot happens in two days!

This retreat is open to all men ready for strong emotional work. About 140 men have given themselves this unique and memorable experience so far.

Father Son Retreat

Our first Father Son Retreat was held in January 2007 at a retreat center near Hawthorne FL. We created a community with our full staff, fathers and their young sons (10-21), full grown fathers and sons, and two grandfathers! Through structured experiences, storytelling, truth-telling circles, ritual, and supportive group work, we felt the mystery and power of the father-son relationship emerge. Fathers and sons were supported to take down barriers between them and heal old wounds. The men discovered common challenges men face in being fathers, and the young men absorbed the loving attention of a community of men.

In the last three years we have invited daughters to join their dads.  What a treat!  Our leaders for the girls have been Karin Fields and Christina Owens.


Navigating the Mid-Life Passage Group (2005)

This structured group, facilitated by Eric Diamond, met for 12 evening sessions. Eight men in the mid-life transition stage of life explored themes of meaning and purpose, emotional process, changing body, work, relationship, and descent into soul. We used readings from James Hollis and others. It is crucial for men to understand the true nature of midlife's challenges consciously, both to avert some suffering, and to set the stage for a fulfilling, meaningful second half of life.

Second Half of Life Group

This group of men ages 55-60 met for about two years (2005-6), facilitated by Eric Diamond. We explored themes of life beyond retirement, loss, relationship, meaning and purpose, and activation of unlived potentials. Life experience does generate wisdom which deserves to be articulated, and the experience of the soul deepens with age.

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